The nightly view of a resort beach, looks like an abandoned, dystopic scenery, full to the brim with trash.

The beach janitor's flashlight randomly falls on a young woman that lays in the dark taking it easy sipping beer. She decides to head towards the water for a night swim, leaving her can trash behind without a second thought. In the beach janitor’s head, an imaginary battle unfolds.

The woman gets entangled in fishing nets made out of pure light. As much as she struggles to disengage it and stay afloat, the more she gets surrounded and choked by trash, luminous trash projected on the sea surface, in the cleaner’s imagination.


Director Note

ConScience is a social comment on ocean and sea pollution.

The plot alternates between the realistic and the imaginary, focusing on this major environmental issue, its consequences and how it affects or should affect our conscience and stance. The movie unravels through the eyes of a beach janitor. He represents the awaken person, the one that selects an active role in dealing with the destruction of our habitat and wants to fix it, but nevertheless despairs by the indifference of most people and the very sense of vanity that comes with that understanding.

The plot develops during a summer night, at a resort beach, where the human daylong presence has left its obvious marks. The fishing net and the trash are "imagined" on the surface of the sea, as well as on the female body, exaggerating the "obviousness" of the problem and our incapacity to look at it at take it seriously.

Film Director

Director Bio

Akrivi Kollia is a film director, script writer and theatrologist from Athens, Greece, with a Ba in Theatre studies, in the School of Fine Arts of the University of Peloponnese and MSc on Fine Arts in Digital Arts. Her varied style of filmography consists of 8 short films, video art, video dance, video clips and documentaries. She has also directed various TV and theatrical shows. Her short film "Poliorkia" (The Siege) has won the "Best Foreign Language Film Award" in the 2016 ПЕРЕРЫВ НА ВОЙНУ Festival of Saint Petersburg in Russia. She's a founder and curator of the Cinema Department of the Greek Cultural Association for Art & Nature "NARTURA".


"ConScience", Fiction, Experimental, Short, 2020
"Utopia", Video dance, Short, 2019
"The Piano", Fiction, Short, 2018
"Τrust Lessons", Fiction, Short, 2016
"Eternal and the temporal", Video art, 2016
"Re-Member (Memory Reconstruction)", Video art, 2016
"The Siege", Fiction, Experimental, Short, 2016
"Anticipation", Fiction, Short, 2013
"Memory Card", Fiction, Short, 2012
"Another View", Fiction, Short, 2011
"My One and Only", Fiction, Short, 2010


This is the whole team of inspired professionals that worked with passion to materialize the film

team member

Christina Tzialla

Starring actress
team member

Vasiliki Kateri

team member

Giorgos Dedousis

Composer/Sound designer
team member

Nikos Radaios

2D/3D animator
team member

Loukia Damani

Photography director
team member

Eugenia Kusmina

Photography director
team member

Sofia Pagoni

team member

Arsen Kanaci

team member

Nikos Dalezios

Colorist & DCP mastering
team member

Kirineos Papadimatos

team member

Panagiotis Drakoulakos

Technical supervisor


Genre: Short film, Fiction, Experimental, Drama
Year: 2020
Runtime: 9’ 57’’
Format: Mp4 | 16:9 | 24 fps | Stereo | DCP
Country: Greece
Scriptwriter - Director: Akrivi Kollia
Production: Kalliergon
Producer: Vasiliki Kateri
Supported by: Cultural Association for Art & Nature "NARTURA"

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